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Uncommon Goods, Uncommon Statistics

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Uncommon Goods is one of those online stores you stumble upon one day, immediately bookmark, and visit too many times when you’re supposed to be working.

The magical mathematical geniuses at Uncommon Goods recently compiled a study of their shoppers. Any good retailer performs studies on their customer’s buying habits; it’s how they stay in business.

But for a retailer to release the findings of that study is unusual. What’s even more unusual is what they actually studied and the results they found. Some of my favorite facts found:

We found that the average dollars spent on gifts was pretty flat across email providers, with the notable exception of AOL. AOL users spent on average 12.2% more than users of other email services.

In our data, men are 23% more likely to give a gift certificate than women are. I guess a more positive way of putting this is that men are more utilitarian, and more likely to give you the gift of options, guaranteeing that you’ll like what you get.

People with very short last names don’t spend much, whereas people with names 14 letters long spend 16% more than average.

So you people with long last names, KEEP ON SHOPPING.

For those of us with short last names, WE NEED TO CATCH UP.

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facts and quotes via Uncommon Goods Blog

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